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We are committed to smaller, well-managed hospitals with the right diagnostic tests and the right equipment to provide high-quality and affordable care for your pet. We have over 60 years of combined management experience who know how to provide precise care for your pets. We have been negotiating with drug companies for years. We know how to manage our costs so you do not feel the burden!

Our lower-cost services will be transparent and communicated before all services are performed allowing you to make medically and financially smart decisions for your pet. We have developed affordable Care Packages for you and your pet's needs!

Not sure what your pet needs? We offer an affordable $35.00 Exam Fee for all visits. 30-40% less than most other hospitals!

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Vitality Offer

Exam Fee $35.00

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The Vitality Veterinary Services Difference

Exam Fee $35.00

Preventing pet owners from being anxious about the cost of sick visits.

Affordable Care Packages

Our lower-cost services allow you to make medically and financially smart decisions for your pet.

Our Convenience Promise

Same-day appointments for wellness and/or illness exams every day, including weekends!

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