Sick Pet Exams

Compassionate Care When Your Pet Isn’t Feeling Well

Illnesses and injuries can seem like they came on fast, but pets can’t tell us what’s wrong or how long they’ve been feeling bad. Animals actually hide illness very well, longer than you might think. Of course, a broken leg speaks for itself, but as your pet’s best health advocate, it’s important for you to always observe and share subtle behavioral changes or other clinical signs with us during your pet’s exam.

At Vitality Veterinary Services, we provide complete care for all illnesses and urgent care. Our priority is to make you and your pet comfortable, as we work together to solve the obvious problem while digging deeper for any underlying issues. With our complete in-house laboratory, we can quickly diagnose and begin treatment. We want your pet feeling better and back happily by your side as soon as possible.

If your pet gets suddenly hurt or sick and needs same-day treatment, the team at Vitality Veterinary Services is here for your pet’s urgent care needs. Give us a call right away so our team can assist you.

During the exam, our doctor will inspect your pet from nose to tail, with a focus on your presenting concern. However, with our comprehensive approach to your pet’s health, our doctors will always go over any other problems they may find. We’ll work together as a team, and our experienced staff will tailor a diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet’s unique needs.

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We know how stressful it can be when your pet is sick, especially when figuring out the problem becomes a challenge. You can feel confident knowing we’re here for you and will work diligently to find a solution to the problem. No matter what your pet presents in our exam room, our team is always on the lookout for clues that may not be noticeable at home. Once we have your furry friend on the road to recovery, follow-up routine wellness exams are an effective way to catch problems early.

If you notice something wrong with your pet, give us a call or book an appointment online right away.

We understand that every pet has unique health needs and practice medicine focused on each pet. Information provided on this page may not apply to all cases and should not be used instead of an office visit. Please always refer to your veterinarian with questions about your pet’s health.

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